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Graduation Requirements

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The OMST program takes approximately 2 years to complete, assuming students participate full-time. Part-time participation is also an option. (Please contact Christine Happ ( for details about part-time enrollment.)

Graduation requirements include a minimum of 32 credit hours of coursework, including the completion of the Capstone Project.

Capstone Project

In the OMST program, the Capstone Project is in two portions:

  • Part I of the course focuses on the design of an action research project (capstone project), which integrates pedagogical and science content ideas addressed in the program courses. The project amounts to an empirical investigation of a student-generated research question around issues focused on science teaching and learning. Students are expected to collect data for their project, preferably in their own classrooms, in the period between Parts I and II of the course.
  • Part II focuses the analysis, interpretation, and discussion of the data collected, and the implications of the findings for classroom practice. These capstone courses will be taken simultaneously with science courses if you follow a typical program.

Part-time attendance for credit

Contact Christine Happ and tell her which courses that you'd like to take. She will be able to answer all questions related to part time attendance.

Only certified teachers will be admitted to individual courses or the full time program.

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