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About the School of Integrative Biology

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In this age of biology, almost every day brings a scientific breakthrough — such as a map of the human genome or the discovery of a new species – as well as great challenges, including swine flu and the loss of biodiversity. How can we prepare our students to contribute to the next great discovery?

The School of Integrative Biology provides a holistic approach to tackle complex problems. As integrative biologists, we combine the sciences of molecular biology and ecology to control new infectious diseases; we bridge genetics and evolutionary biology to understand the origins of behavior; we connect physiology and plant biology to ensure sustainable food and energy supplies.

Through our program, you will gain a deeper understanding of biology and the world. You will learn to take a step back–to explore, examine, reflect, analyze, and diagnose. Most importantly, you will have the tools to excel as a teacher of the latest biological concepts and experience the joy of passing on your excitement about biology to young children or adolescents.

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